marco menco

Marco Menco – 3D Creature Modeler

Marco is a Visual Effects Modeler and Creature Designer. Coming from Italy with a background in Fine Arts, he brought his passion for shape and form to the film industry where he explored the intricate and layered world of organic modeling and facial expressions sculpting for digital humans and creatures in feature film. In his Visual Effects career he has contributed to well known movies such as “District9”, “The Thing 2011”, “The Hobbit” trilogy, “Dawn of the Planet of The Apes”, “Furious 7” and many more.
After Weta, he moved back to the beautiful city of Vancouver and he is currently employed at Double Negative as Lead Creature Artist on “Star Trek Beyond”.

His main interest will always be to bring to life what’s being imagined while exploring the struggle of flesh and gravity in the physical world.

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